MSC Update: Scientific Observers Scheme on the suppliers vessel – 3rd and 4th Periods

February 8, 2011 10:55

In 2010 Ocean Trawlers initiated a Scientific Observers Scheme to be performed on the vessel of its suppliers in connection with MSC certification of the Barents Sea cod and haddock. The Scheme is performed by Russian fishery research institute PINRO, reports with reference to Ocean Trawlers.

The aim of the Scheme is to ensure collection of samples and other data to provide scientists and managers with reliable and representative information necessary for sustainable management of the stocks of NEA cod and NEA haddock.

During the third period (July, August and September) the scientific observers covered operations of 3 vessels of the suppliers of Ocean Trawlers that conducted fisheries of cod and addock in the Barents Sea and adjacent waters. During the fourth period (October, November and December) the scientific observers also covered operations of 3 vessels of the suppliers of Ocean Trawlers.

The results of the Scheme after the 3rd and 4th periods proved that the species composition of marine bioresources reported by the vessels and retained on board corresponded to the observed composition. Some single occasional bycatch of marine bioresources that were returned to the natural environment in accordance with the applicable fishery regulations was observed. The most typical non-marketable and non-target fish species occurred in trawl as bycatch during the 3rd period were starry skate, lump-sucker, Atlantic halibut and sponges. During lifting of one of the trawls a great cormorant was captured, the bird was returned to the sea. In the 4th period the most common bycatch of non-marketable and non-target species consisted of lump-sucker, Greenland halibut, skates including starry skate (Raja clavata), Greenland shark, blue ling, round-nosed grenadier and sponges. During lifting of trawls several individuals of seagulls, cormorants and fulmars were captured by the gear. The birds were returned to the natural environment.

No significant bycatch of endanger, threatened and protected species was registered. No infringements of fishing rules and management regulations were observed apart from several minor remarks regarding MSC logbook.

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