Moscow to host 14th Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Science Symposium

April 21, 2009 16:13

On 11-13 August 2009 Moscow-based VNIRO fishery research institute will host 14th Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Science Symposium devoted to red king crab in the Barents Sea and its effects on the Barents Sea ecosystem, reports ( with reference to the institute.

 An integrated look on the Red king crab population in the Barents Sea may help to assess the effects of this commercially important species which was introduced in this basin in 1960-s on native ecosystem and human society of the Barents Region.

At present the population of this species has become one of the most numerous in the world. This artificially created population lives far from its native inhabitat and in environmental conditions which differ from those where populations-donors are inhabited. Views about species numbers and its dynamics are very important for understanding of species adaptation process to new conditions of living and introduction influence on aboriginal fauna. Taking into account the present importance of the Kamchatka crab for fishery and also the necessity of ecological consequences study for biota of the Barents Sea in the result of active benthophage introducing, a decision about the necessity of all-round discussion of achieved knowledge on biology, ecology and economy use of this new introduced species in the Barents Sea was taken at the 37th Session of Mixed Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission.

 The symposium will cover the following themes and issues, aiming at balance between presentations and discussions.

I.          The king crab stock development and spread in the Barents Sea

  • Distribution and spreading
  • Historical abundance development
  • Spreading mechanisms
  • Stock assessment methods

II.        The adaptation to the new ecosystem

  • Impact on the new ecosystem
  • Behavioral aspects in its new area
  • Reproduction and stock recruitment strategies in the new area
  • Food, habitat and temperature preferences in its new area
  • Aquaculture of the red king crab

III.       The significance of the king crab for the fishing industry in the Barents Region

  • Development and history of the king crab fishery
  • Bycatch issues
  • Development of new fishing gears
  • Socio-economic impacts value of the king crab

IV.       Management of the king crab fishery in the Barents Sea

  • History of Russian management
  • History of Norwegian management
  • Management challenges due to the crab being an introduced species
  • The snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio, in the Barents Sea
  • How can knowledge achieved on the red king crab be applied to the new introduced crab species in the Barents Sea; the snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio
  • Distribution, spreading, biology

Contact information: Conveners of the Symposium: V. I. Sokolov, Yu. M. Lepesevich, J. H. Sundet, O. A. Misund

The Organizing Committee: A.V.Kartintsev (, B.S. Krakovsky, S.Anosov(

Editorial Board on Symposium abstracts consideration, Chief of the Board - V.A.Bizikov (

(499) 264-87-93,,,


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