Moscow seafood processor launching new facility in the capital

March 23, 2010 11:52

In March 2010 Moscow-based seafood processor Fregate will launch a new fish processing facility in the capital, reports ( with reference to the company's official press-release.

The new unit is furnished with high-tech equipment for filleting, salting, smoking and vacuum packing.

Fregate is one of a few traders processing fish by themselves. The company says one more processing facility and its trained staff will guarantee high quality of products and optimum terms of fulfillment of customers' orders.

Fregate has been working on the Russian market as of 2003 and since that time the company's customers base has grown to more than 1000 restaurants and shops all over Russia, mostly thanks to quality service and a wide range of products from Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Russia and France.

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