Moscow producer of marinated preserves continues successful advance on the market

May 14, 2007 16:03
At the international contest "The best product of the year 2007" which was held during the 14th International Exhibition of Foodstuffs, Drinks and Food Raw Materials - PRODEXPO 2007 Dva Capitana (Two Captains) Company's new products, such as "Squid in brine" (plastic jar 385 g) and fish preserves "Herring fillets in scented oil with a light smoke flavor" (vacuum tray 150 g) were awarded silver medal and diploma.

кальмар_2КапитанаThe company says that the main advantage of the products in brine under TM Dva Capitana (Two Captains) is natural taste. Special technology developed by the Company allows to retain what is described as fine flavor and delicate texture of the seafood that is ideal for preparing different salads, cold and hot snacks, especially of Mediterranean cuisine.

About company

Two Captains Company was established in 2001 and now it's a successfully trading in the market enterprise, which manufactures high quality food products.

The company has its own plant, located in ecologically clean district of Moscow region and equipped with high-performance equipment.

The Company's exclusive product distributor is Galathea Company, which distributes products both in Moscow region as well as other Russian regions and CIS States.

The range of Two Captains Company products includes more than 70 items of fish and non-fin fish preserves under the labels Dva Capitana, Kapitanskaya bochka (Captain's barrel) and Princess Ayko.

Contact information:

Address: Aviamotornaya St., 10, stroenie 2, Moscow, Russia, 111024

Telephone: +7 (495) 6489050

Fax: +7 (495) 6489051


Address: Tretiy Rabochiy pereulok, 9, Golitsyno, Moscovskaya oblast, Russia, 195009

Telephone: +7 (495) 363 41 91



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