Moscow market witnessing launch of ready-to-eat frozen sushi and rolls

May 25, 2007 16:59

Lobnensky Khladokombinat coldstore operator and distributor based in Moscow region has added ready-to-eat frozen sushi and rolls "TAKARA" produced in Thailand to its sales range.

The company claims that the products are as tasty as fresh sushi and rolls. They are very convenient to eat and cook as well. A person needs to thaw it in a natural way or put it under cold water for some time.

The new range of products are certified for export to Russia, EU-countries and Japan. The novelties are packed for retail sector and have a label in the Russian language with a manual how to cook the product (both on a single shatter pack and on a carton pack) and a bar code.

As per mid-May 2007 the company's range of the new products included 8 items and they plan to extend the assortment further. The shelflife of the new products (-18ºC and less) is 24 months from production date.


Items in a shatter pack/shatter packs in a carton pack

Net Weight of a pack (kg)

Price per pack  incl. VAT (in Russian rubles)



Sushi mixed

Nigiri mixed

12 items./10 packs



12 items in vacuum pack. (2 with shrimps, 2 with cuttlefish, 2 with tuna, 2 with eel, 4 with salmon)

Sushi with salmon

Nigiri Salmon

12 items./10 packs.



12 items in vacuum pack with salmon

Sushi Salmon and Shrimp

Nigiri Salmon&Shripms

12 items./10 packs



12 items in vacuum pack (6 with shrimps, 6 with salmon)

Sushi Shrimps and Eel

Nigiri Shripms&Eel

12 items./10 packs



12 items in vacuum pack. (6 with eel, 6 with shrimps)


Rolls mixed

Hoso Maki mix

36 items/10 packs



36 small items (12 with eel, 12 with shrimps, 12 with crab sticks)

Rolls crab sticks

Hoso Maki crab stiks

36 items/10 packs



36 small items with crab sticks

Rolls Eel and Sesame

Futo Maki sesame

6 items./20 packs



6 big items coated in sesame with eel, crab sticks and cheese sauce inside


Shushi and Rolls mixed

Mixed Sushi+rolls

14 items/10 packs



14 items of sushi and rolls (4 sushi (1 with salmon, 1 with eel, 1 with shrimp, 1 with tuna); 2 big rolls with sesame, eel, crab sticks and cheese sauce; 8 small rolls (4 with eel and 4 with crab sticks)

Contact information

Office address: 92a, Leitenanta Boiko str., Lobnya, MO, Russia

Tel.: +7 495 544-92-36

Fax: +7 495 544-92-34


Web address:

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