Moscow group developing product branding

October 25, 2006 16:05

Moscow-based Greentrust Group of companies is making a special focus on product branding.

In particular, it has been actively promoting its two labels Sailor and BonDeLaMar on the Russian seafood market. The group produces 7 lines and more than 200 products under the above labels.

Sailor TM

Sailor-labeled range embraces crab sticks, shrimps, ready-to-eat fish products both packed and in bulk, packed fish of the middle price segment. The trade mark has existed for a number of years already. It has contributed more than 30% in the group’s turnover and it is well-known to the Russian consumers, Greentrust said.


The range labeled BonDeLarMar includes packed fish, fillets, steaks and a wide range of premium-class products based on shellfish and mollusks. Products under the above TM can be seen in most of multinational retail chains.

More information from:

Greentrust Group of companies; 19 Zvyozdnyi Bulvar, 129085 Moscow, Russia; tel./fax: +7 495 2320453, e-mail:

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