Moscow frozen squid market as per late October 2008

October 30, 2008 12:19

As per late October 2008 the price situation on the Moscow freshfrozen squid market has been changing, reports ( ) with reference to trading sources in the Russian capital.

The price formation has been influenced by large catches in the South West Atlantic. The European coldstores have been overfilled with the squid products from Latin America, while the Peruvian exporters have been going through difficult times in moving their products on the market. South African squid has been easier to sell as it is of better quality.

According to provisional official figures data, as per the 30 of September 2008 more than 43 000 tonnes of squid were harvested in the Russian Far East, up 26% or 9000 tonnes from the previous year level, though is still below the best year catches.

Some wholesalers expect the prices of squid to come up but the developments on the market are difficult to foresee because of the continued financial crisis influencing the market activity and contributing to the growth of import of cheap squid product from Argentina and China.

According to Moscow market players, the frozen squid market situation in the 4 week of October 2008 has been marked by slight growth of demand and prices of the new product arrivals.

More specifically, in the capital the minimum price of squid tubes harvested in 2008 and made by Vladivostok-based NBAMR came down to RUB50.00 per kilo, while the maximum price amounted to ca.RUB57.00 per kilo.

Squid of the new season made by another big Russian producer Akros was offered by the company's Moscow subsidiary from RUB54.00 per kilo. The squid stocks have been considerably decreasing in the Russian Far East. The squid tubes of June - July manufacture were marketed at RUB50.00 - 51.00 per kilo. Squid tentacles were offered from RUB38.00 - 39.00 per kilo with discounts on large volumes.

There were offers of skinned squid tubes made by NBAMR at RUB110.00-125.00 per kilo, skinned wings of squid were marketed at RUB81.00 per kilo, squid rings were offered at RUB118.00 per kilo and the squid salad mix was available at RUB91.00 per kilo.

Argentinean cleaned tubes of illex squid were marketed at RUB60.00-77.00 per kilo while unclean squid tubes depreciated to RUB43.00 per kilo.

Cleaned tubes made in China were offered at RUB60.00-75.00 per kilo depending upon the size. New Zealand squid tubes 200-300 were offered at RUB50.00-55.00 per kilo, Peruvian squid and squid fillets came down and were traded at RUB37.00 per kilo.

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