Moscow distributor launched exotic Coregonidae fish on Russian market

February 27, 2007 16:37

RIF Company has introduced a new product for the Russian market - farmed nelma Stenodus leucichthys nelma. This is a Salmoniformes fish of Coregonidae family which is farmed in Karelia based on Finnish technologies and feeds and under the strict control of Finnish specialists.

Nelma flesh is white and is remarkable for its delicate texture. It contains up to 15% of fat. Within a period of four years nelma reaches 2-kilo size.

As per late February 2007, RIF Company was offering the following nelma-based products:

  • Nelma (Karelia) freshfrozen head-on gutted, sold in bulk at RUR350.00 per kilo;
  • Nelma (Karelia) cold smoked head-on, sold in bulk at RUR540.00 per kilo;
  • Nelma (Karelia) hot smoked head-on, sold in bulk at RUR560.00 per kilo;
  • Nelma (Karelia) cold smoked balyk-style loins, sold in bulk at RUR650.00 per kilo.

Besides, the company offers trout caviar made from fresh harvest from Karelia at prices as follows:

  • Trout caviar without preservatives, 200-gram plastic cans at RUR1500 per kilo;
  • Trout caviar with preservatives, 2.2-kilo buckets at RUR1400 per kilo.


RIF was established in 1992 in Moscow as a limited company 100% owned by private persons.

The company has been working on the Russian market in the sphere of seafood wholesale purchases, processing and sales. The firm has own cold store, value added fish processing facilities, a truck fleet and retail outlets. Its more than 10 year experience has enabled it to find direct contacts with the nation's fishing companies giving it a chance to purchase a wide range of high quality fish at competitive prices.

To encourage development of home production RIF Company has been actively cooperating with fish farms from ecologically clean Karelia and Khakassia and supplied farmed salmon trout of the sizes ranging from 200 grams to 2.5 kilos. Karelian fish is delivered to Moscow in frozen and chilled form and the company has already studied possibilities to supply live trout.

More information from:

Head of Sales Department Igor (Aleksandrovich) Prischepa, RIF Group of Companies; Str.7, Dom 4, Ulitsa Zagorjevskaya, 115547 Moscow, Russia; tel.: +7 495 3294166, 7305318, e-mail:

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