Moscow-based fish plant launching chilled fish production

February 25, 2009 12:21

Established in 2006 OOO OLIMP (ltd) has completed refurbishment of its production facilities and launched production of chilled seafood as part of its anti-crisis plan, the company told (

OLIMP's chilled range includes such products as gutted fish, HGT fish, fillets and chunks. The range of raw fish used for the above production includes Atlantic salmon, trout, cod, mullet, halibut, flounder and other fish species. The raw fish is shipped in chilled form from Murmansk, Kaliningrad and Karelia.

The company hopes that its chilled production will enable it to boost its share on the market of Moscow and surrounding regions.

Along with chilled products, the company continues producing freshfrozen seafood such as HGT, fillets, chunks and steaks. OLIMP has completely refurbished processing facilities and improved the technological process.

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