Moscow and Magadan creating direct channel for seafood supplies

July 2, 2007 12:03

Prefect of Moscow's North Administrative District Vladimir Obyedkov and Magadan's mayor Vladimir Pechenyi have signed an agreement on trade-economic cooperation, according to IA REGNUM information agency.

Under the new agreement, the delegation of the Moscow government made direct contracts with the governments of Sakhalin and Magadan for seafood shipments. Besides, the Moscow officials signed contracts with particular companies engaged in fishing and seafood coldstorage activities in the Russian Far East.

An important role of the capital's North Administrative District in the issue is connected with the fact that the largest combines for storage of perishables, including seafood (convenience fish products, caviar, crabs, etc.) are located in the area, the prefecture explained.

According to Vladimir Obyedkov, direct shipments of seafood to Moscow will help increase quality of goods in retail and will probably push prices down.

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