Modern wholesale fish market for direct supply to booming Moscow city

February 6, 2008 17:04

Moscow region has been selected to accommodate a modern style wholesale fish market which would directly supply customers in the huge Russian capital, the head of Russia's State Fisheries Committee Andrey Krainy said at a conference in Khabarovsk on February, 6.

According to the high-ranking official, a big wholesale covered seafood market will be built in Moscow region in order to enable any fishing and processing company to sell its products directly to buyers.

The market area will also comprise coldstore facilities and a small processing plant. At the plant the buyers and caterers will be able to order unsophisticated processing of some products (for example, to fillets etc.). The idea of wholesale seafood market to be built in Russia has been triggered by Spain's positive experience in the field, Krainy explained referring to the fact that at present, at the wholesale market in Spain more than 10,000 tonnes of seafood products per day will be sold.

The authorities have already found a good area in Moscow region with developed infrastructure with adjacent containing a railway station, an airport, and Moscow's encircling highway (MKAD).

According to Krainy, it is feasible for the project to take off this year.

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