Modern fish processing plant launched in Central Russia

October 16, 2009 14:35

The plant, which has been build company Favorit-Product Ltd, is focused on processing of Russian raw material. The facilities have been equipped by such equipment as Cretel, Cepamatic, KT, Dick, Carrier, Friga-Bohn etc., reports /

The facility is located not far from Moscow in the regional capital of Smolensk and it occupies an area of 2 hectares. The plant has been built from the "zero" level.

At present the first workshop of 900 square meters area and coldstore of 540 square meters have been launched in operation.

The number of working places exceeds 70.

The design capacity has been set at more than 400 tonnes of finished products.

Beside that the building of the second facility with an area of 1000 square meters has been started. The second production unit is to be put into operation in spring 2010.

 The plant in Smolensk is operated by the company Favorit-Product Ltd. The company says it is ready to compete with other producers of seafood in the segment of high quality products.

By the end of the year 2009 the plant is to get HACCP certificate as well as approval for exportation to the EU-countries.

The processing plant has an advantageous location of 370 kilometers from Moscow, 300 kilometers from Minsk (Capital of Belarus) and 70 kilometers from the border to Belarus. Such location gives the company good opportunity to supply both domestic and European market.

As they say in the company, as opposed to the competition's products of Russian origin and the products imported on the territory of Russia Favorit-Product will be using no additives (polyphosphates, colouring agents etc) in the production process and glazing will be limited to 10%.

The company Favorit-Product is ready to produce portion fillets, steaks, HGT etc according to individual customer specifications.

Producer ООО "Favorit Product", produced on modern equipment from Russian raw material:

Product category

Carton Weight, kg

Pink salmon, skin-on, IGF


Russian pollock fillet skin-on, IQF frozen


Haddock fillet on skin, IQF frozen


Saithe fillet skin-on, IQF frozen


Cod fillet skin-on, IQF frozen


Salmon mince, frozen


Cod mince, frozen


On order the firm can  produce: fish fillet skinned; fish steaks.
Sales office in Moscow: Moscow, Sibirsky proezd, 2, korp.8
Telephone: +7 (4812) 61-93-10; +7 (495) 510-65-38
Fax: +7 (4812) 61-93-10,

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