Mixed Russian-Faroe Fisheries Commission outlines quota trends for Russia in 2008

December 29, 2007 11:43

At the 31st session of Mixed Russian-Faroe Fisheries Commission in Torshavn, Faroe Islands, on 26-27 November 2007 the sides have reached a number of decisions on capture quotas.

More specifically, the Faroe authorities have allowed the Russian fishermen to harvest 120,000 metric tons of blue whiting, including bycatch of herring and anchovy, and 8200 tonnes of mackerel. The largest possible bycatch allowed for the Russian vessels amounts to 3% of herring and 10% of anchovy from the blue whiting quota. The largest possible bycatch of other fish species amounts to 2% per haul.

Dynamics of Russian blue whiting and mackerel quotas allocated by Faroe Islands 2006-2008, ‘000 metric tons










Blue whiting




The Faroe side has agreed that up to 30,000 tonnes of the aforesaid quota for capture of blue whiting which has been allocated to the Russian Federation for the year 2008 can be harvested in the NEAFC area according to the Recommendation approved by the NEAFC at the 26th session in November 2007.

The sides have also agreed to allocate to the Faroe side quotas for capture of 10,300 tonnes of cod, 1340 tonnes of haddock, 450 tonnes of plaice, 450 tonnes of rough dab and 1000 tonnes of shrimp. The largest bycatch of fish resources in the EEZ of the Russian Federation shall not exceed 10% of weight of each particular species per one fishing operation and 10% of the total harvest of all the species when landed.

The Faroe side has asked the Russian side to preserve the right of cod fishery conduct in the Baltic Sea in the future. The Russian side has agreed to consider the issue with respect to the condition of the cod stocks in the Baltic Sea.

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