Mixed fodder producer in Saint Petersburg diversifying into trout farming

November 2, 2007 16:33

OOO Akvakorm (ltd), a daughter company of a large supplier of mixed fodder of OAO Lenkhleboprodukt (plc), has launched a trout farm in the Lodeinopol District of Leningrad Oblast surrounding Saint Peterburg.

The trout farm has been made on a perfectly new site in the Savozero Lake. The firm's investments into the equipment, stocking material and feeds total RUB2 million. The farm has already grown a trial lot of 3 tonnes of trout.

The farm's design capacity amounts to 300 metric tons per year with the output expected to be reached in a couple of years. Trout has been farmed in the province mostly by companies engaged in fish processing such as Rybstandart, OkeanProduct, etc.

The province's authorities are developing a support program for fish farming, which is supposed to attract companies running financial problems, e.g. broken agricultural companies, to fish farming activities. The investments into a fish farm are estimated at RUB30 million.

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