Ministry of Agriculture stepping up work on fishery and fish breeding legislation

October 17, 2006 10:54

Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture is planning to forward a draft law on aquaculture for consideration in the nation’s government until the end of the current year 2006, according to Minister Aleksey Gordeyev.

Gordeev says that in October 2006 the ministry will also forward for government’s consideration a draft federal program “Boost of efficiency of exploitation and development of the fishery industry resources and potential in the years 2008-2012”. By now the fundamentals of the program has been developed and received a general support in the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.

In the meantime, First Vice-Premier Dmitry Medvedev has highlighted aquaculture as another important sector for development. During his recent visit to the Russian Far East he has pointed out to the need to include aquaculture into the national project on “Development of the agricultural and industrial complex”.

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