Miljosertifisering av norske reker

December 2, 2010 15:45

The sustainability of the Norwegian prawn fishery is further documented by Norway's application for certification under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification scheme and its standards for sustainable fisheries, reports with reference to NSEC.

Thus the Norwegian prawn fishery will be added to the list of Norwegian commercial fisheries that have already achieved MSC certification, thereby consolidating Norway's position as the fishing nation with the greatest number of environmentally certified fisheries in the world.

"From a marketing point of view, having MSC certification is highly advantageous," says Ove Johansen, market manager prawns and shellfish, from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council. "Different markets require different labelling, but this will make Norwegian prawns even more competitive."

The biggest markets for Norwegian prawns from the Barents Sea are the UK, Sweden, Finland and Norway. These are markets where there is an increasing focus on sustainable products. Norwegian prawn fishery in the Barents Sea is already certified in accordance with the standards of KRAV and Friend of the Sea. With this additional certification of compliance with MSC standards, Norwegian prawn exporters will be able to offer products with a wider range of environmental labelling.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has developed a certification programme for sustainable and well-managed fisheries. MSC certification requires third-party verification of the fishery's compliance with MSC standards by an accredited certification bureau.

The Norwegian saithe, mackerel and herring fisheries, as well as the cod and haddock fisheries beyond 12 nautical miles of the Norwegian coast, have already received MSC certification. The cod and haddock fisheries within 12 nautical miles of the Norwegian coast are in the process of being certified to MSC standards. On completion of this process, all the major Norwegian commercial fisheries will be environmentally certified.

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