Meeting African coastal fishermen: direct witness of global overfishing

April 20, 2011 10:13

Commissioner Maria Damanaki met today Mr Ismael  Lebaye from Mauritania and Mr Ameth Wade from Senegal, at the initiative of Greenpeace. The three fishermen presented the Commissioner with their direct experience about effects of overfishing on coastal communities, reports with reference to EC.

Commissioner Damanaki stated: "EU vessels will have to be subject to the same clear rules when they fish in international waters as when they fish at home.  We can only afford to fish sustainably. I am working on a reform of our common fisheries policy which will bring about a new generation of Fisheries Partnership Agreements which will be sustainable and will respect human rights and support the activities of local fishermen. I have invited all ministers from countries we have fisheries partnerships with on the 13th of May to discuss these issues"

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