Mearsk Line vessels set for BBC’s Mission 2110

March 22, 2010 09:40

Maersk Line vessels laid up at Loch Striven in Scotland, have formed the backdrop for a futuristic TV programme the BBC is filming. The TV adventure game - called Mission 2110 - is set in the future, where robots have taken over the world. 18 young people aged 12-14 from all over the UK auditioned for a chance to test their skills and ingenuity against the robots to save the human race, reports with reference to Maersk.
The deck of Maersk Beaumont will be used as a backdrop for the games. Because of the global economic downturn, Maersk Line, the largest container shipping company in the world with more than 500 vessels, laid up six of its vessels in the idyllic Scottish loch in 2009.
While the vessels have received media coverage because of complaints from some locals, the BBC realised their potential after Stephen Burt, location manager for the project and a former fisherman, read about them on the BBC website. "We're really excited about the ships and this amazing opportunity", says Mr Burt. "We couldn't have built a set like this, it's simply incredible!"
The filming started at the end of January 2010 and the programme will be broadcast in the United Kingdom in April. During production, the BBC and Maersk Line organised for local school children to visit the vessels and see the programme being made. The children had an opportunity to learn about shipping and its role in world trade as part of a school project.
The community of Loch Striven was also invited onto Maersk Beaumont for a vessel tour and reception towards the end of 2009.
The programme's producers has used two of the cargo holds, the engine room, the propeller shaft tunnel, the bridge and deck of the vessels as backdrops for the games, which require skill, memory and dexterity to win.
"The teenagers have been tasked to beat the robots, collect fuel cells, and triumph over their fellow challengers," Mr Burt explains.
"We've had some considerable challenges whilst planning the filming," says Mr Burt. "But Maersk have been really helpful, in particular the technical team in Newcastle and Captain David Johnstone and his crew on Maersk Beaumont."
The BBC will pay Maersk Line a location fee, which will be donated to the local communities and charity activities around Loch Striven.

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