Mazzetta Company purchased Atwood Lobster Company

May 25, 2011 12:00
The parent company of Mazzetta Company, LLC, purveyor of premium SEAMAZZ brand lobster, recently purchased Atwood Lobster Company, located on Spruce Head Island, Maine, reports with reference to Mazzetta.

The Mazzetta Company has been involved in the Maine lobster fishery for four years. Last year, it purchased over five million pounds of Maine lobster and processed more than two million pounds in the state. Earlier in 2010, our parent company established the Beach Point Processing Company located on Price Edward Island (PEI), Canada. PEI is a strategically central location in the Canadian Maritimes to access lobster, snow crab, and pelagic species. The opening of the facility proved valuable in terms of both integration and providing us with the ability to support in‐house product development with our customers. In Mazzetta they view the purchase of Atwood Lobster Company as a critical piece to further integrate the company in the Maine lobster industry, increase volume and storage potential, and solidify ability to assure supply to customers.

There is no question as to the rich history of Maine lobster. The company is excited to move more squarely into this fishery with the addition of Atwood Lobster Company.

The company's friendship with Bill Atwood began several years ago when initially became involved with Maine lobster. The story of Atwood Lobster Company is not unlike that of Mazzetta Company; a family business that had the good fortune to grow into an industry leader, while still maintaining the principles and values that originally guided them as a small business. Although Bill has characterized this next phase of his life as his "chance to finally go fishing," they expect to remain close with Bill and look forward to receiving his insights and counsel, which are unique to a third‐generation lobster family.

The company considers itself to be neither importers nor domestic producers. Mazzetta Company is a seafood company involved in 19 countries around the globe.

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