Marks & Spencer launches Forever Fish

June 7, 2011 15:16

Marks & Spencer today announces the launch of Forever Fish - a major new campaign to help customers and their children learn more about fish, clean our British beaches and protect UK marine life, reports with reference to M&S.

Over the next three years M&S will:
Set-up and run School of Fish, an education programme to inspire 400,000 primary school pupils to learn more about protecting the future of fish;
Encourage as many of M&S' 21 million customers and 78,000 employees as possible to help the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) clean over 400 British beaches, twice a year;
Invest over £1 million in WWF projects that help better manage UK fish stocks, such as cod, and protect important species like dolphins and turtles;
Help customers make healthy and more sustainable choices by promoting more high quality, sustainably-sourced fish and introducing lesser known and more plentiful species such as Dab and Flounder.

Marc Bolland, Chief Executive of Marks & Spencer, says: "We will work together with our customers, our people and their children to promote a healthy future for our beaches, seas and fish. Forever Fish involves schools, charities, fishermen and fisheries so that we can all enjoy cleaner beaches, more sustainable fishing and healthy fish."

Forever Fish will launch in stores on 22nd June and will be funded by the profits from M&S' 5p food carrier bag charge. A new carrier bag design will be launched to coincide with the change and a Forever Fish product stamp will highlight fish products right across food halls, not only in fresh fish but in ready meals, Food To Go and frozen products.

The campaign will be backed by a major print and online marketing push, including new web pages - . In-store advertising will carry product and environmental information, advice and recipes.

Paul Willgoss, Head of Food Technology at Marks & Spencer, says: "Already 90 per cent of the wild fish we sell is in line with our Plan A commitment, but certifying fish stocks is not the full story. We are working with our customers in support of the UK fishing industry so that the next generation understands the importance of healthy oceans and can enjoy sustainably sourced fish."

Samantha Fanshawe, Director of MCS, says: "Working with M&S offers a fantastic opportunity to engage their customers and staff in positive action to protect our seas, shores and wildlife. MCS aims to inspire over 50,000 customers to become champions of the sea, and take action to reduce litter on our beaches, choose sustainable seafood and learn more about the amazing wildlife around our coast."

Dax Lovegrove, Head of Business and Industry Relations at WWF, says: "WWF is continually working to address the over-use of natural resources by championing best practice in the sourcing of goods and driving sustainable retailing. Our partnership with M&S makes a significant contribution to these endeavours. The company shows strong leadership on sourcing various resources including fish, which is important for the protection of fish stocks and their investment will be vital in helping us to address threats to endangered marine species."

As part of the partnership with WWF and MCS, M&S is aiming to encourage at least 90 per cent of its customers to re-use carrier bags (from current levels of 80 per cent) and believes that carrier bag charging is the best way to further reduce usage.

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