Vladivostok’s coldstorage capacity to grow by 80 thousand tonnes

November 26, 2018 09:38

Owners of land adjacent to Vladivostok Fish Port are going to commission an additional 80 thousand tonnes of coldstore facilities within the next four years to enable storage and handling of seafood from the whole of the Russian Far East, according to Russia’s fishery head Ilya Shestakov.

Simultaneously with Primorye new coldstores are being built now in Kamchatka. They will be used for interim storage of seafood cargoes aimed for further shipping to the European Russia via the Northern Sea Route. The main idea of the project is to eliminate dependence on coldstore facilities of neighboring regions.

According to Kamchatka’s Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin, in order to avoid storage bottlenecks during the current salmon season the region’s fishermen even had to send some of their harvest to South Korean and Chinese ports for storage.

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