Vladivostok exporters increasing seafood shipments to Asian countries

March 28, 2019 14:39

In 2018 Russian companies based in Vladivostok-led Primorskiy Krai boosted shipments of animal products (inc. seafood) to South Korea, China, Japan and Singapore.

More specifically, South Korea imported 1.4 million metric tons of animal products (666,000 tonnes in 2017), mostly finfish and other aquatic species.

China imported 802,800 tonnes of products (743,900 tonnes in 2017). Apart from finfish and other seafood (76,100 tonnes) Chinese importers purchased in Primorye 38,900 tonnes of fish feed and feed additives.

In 2018 Japan imported 21,700 tonnes of animal products (13,700 tonnes in 2017). Major articles of Primorye’s exports to Japan were finfish and other seafood (15,500 tonnes), as well as feed and feed additives (6,200 tonnes).

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