Unusual Patterns of Export from Russian Far East in August 2012

August 21, 2012 09:04

When we compare export 2012 with the last year, we feel strange.  EVERYTHING is another way, reports http://www.megafishnet.com/.

Nobody (except Korea) needs pollock WR.  There is no demand for herring to Africa too.  Pollock HG market is very difficult, though not as bad as in June-July.  The major part of the product is 20-25 cm, and price is $1,150-1,180.  More interesting grade 25-30 cm is very limited, but its price can't even reach $1,300.  30+ grade supply is really small and price reaches $1,380.  Everything CFR China.

There is no demand for Pink.  Just no interest.  Processors have not received orders from Europe and can't understand their price and volume.  Some people think the situation will not become clear till mid-September when we know how much Chum comes to Hokkaido, meanwhile the factories work at 50% load.

Salmon roe market is unclear as well.  Current price varies between $20 and $30 for a kilo.  It's almost impossible to find something at $20, and those buying at $30 are doomed to have loss.  Anyway, we believe $22-23 adequate for frozen Pink roes.  If there are not enough Chum roe at Hokkaido, the price can rise.

Sockeye season is over, and results are disastrous.  Japan is overfilled with Chilean Coho, and at a recent auction buyers didn't confirm price JPY 500 / 430 / 380 for grades L/M/S.  There is no hope it will change, and many producers start deliveries to domestic market.

Almost all Russian fishmeal producers have received their Chinese licenses.  However, it has not caused price drop.  Just the other way round, the price is soaring up and has crossed threshold $1,800 CFR China or Busan.

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