Talks between Rosselkhoznadzor and Embassy of Japan

July 14, 2014 11:35

The meeting took place upon the initiative of the Japanese party. The Rosselkhoznadzor delegation at the talks was headed by Head of the Department for Veterinary Inspections Vasily Lavrovsky and the delegation of the Japanese Embassy was headed by recently appointed Counselor, Mr. Kanji Kori.

The Japanese delegation submitted to the Rosselkhoznadzor detailed analytical materials related to radionuclide monitoring in the environment and in marine organisms of the water area in Fukushima prefecture region to determine specific risk level associated with the consequences of the Fikushima-1 nuclear disaster and review the possibility to resume exports of fish products caught in the area subject to restrictions imposed by the Rosselkhoznadzor in 2011. Vasily Lavrovsky informed Mr. Kanji Kori about the decision made by the Rosselkhoznadzor to include two Japanese plants producing premium quality wagyu beef or kobe beef into the list of establishments authorized to export its products to Russia. Moreover the plants were included into the list without inspections under the guarantees of the Japanese Veterinary Service. The Rosselkhoznadzor also agreed a veterinary certificate for this type of products. The exports can start after the certificate is approved by the Kazakhstani Veterinary Service because it has already been agreed by another CU partner’s Veterinary Service, i.e. by Belarusian VS. The parties also agreed that it was reasonable for the Rosselkhoznadzor and Japanese Veterinary Service to cooperate more closely on such international platforms as the World Organization for Animal Health.  The Rosselkhoznadzor will forward proposals to the Japanese party on exports of Russian food products to the Japanese market for expansion of bilateral trade.

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