Sole from the Russian Far East emerging as new selling star with Moscow fish processors

September 12, 2011 13:21

White belly flounder (rock sole) and yellow fin sole have emerged this year as new best sellers with Moscow fish processors, according to trading sources in the Capital.

The processors focusing on production of dried fish snacks have been increasingly buy sole for the purpose during the current bear season. As a result the weekly sales of frozen sole in Moscow have gone up from estimated 100MT to as much as 400MT outstripping Pacific cod.

The demand has increased in the wake of changing consumer preferences as Russian beer lovers are turning from dried fish snacks made in China to Russian made dried fish for consumption with beer.

Though the beer season is ending in line with going summer the prices for frozen sole in Moscow have remained stable against the background of no fishery and declining inventory. The HG frozen product of 400+ grade is being wholesaled at RUB 65-RUB 67 on the market of the Russian Capital.

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