Seafood exports from Vladivostok roaring

February 14, 2012 12:33

In January 2012 seafood exports from Vladivostok-led Primorsky Krai totaled USD 46.5 million thus displaying a double increase on the same period last year. In volume terms fish export shipments jumped 1.8 times to 43,000 MT, reports

The leading export articles were as follows: chilled and frozen fish - USD 40.9 million (87.9% of the region's total export value), shellfish - USD 4.6 million (10%) and fishmeal - USD 1 million (2.1%).

In the first month of 2012 Vladivostok companies exported finfish and other aquatic products to 5 foreign countries. The largest contribution in terms of value belonged to China with USD 23.8 million (51.1%), South Korea - USD 13.3 million (28.6%) and Japan - USD 7.1 million (15.3%).

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