Seafood exports from Vladivostok-led Primorye region exceeding 540 000 MT

May 27, 2021 10:04

As per late May, more than 540 thousand tons of fish products have been exported from the Primorye region (main export hub in the Russian Far East) since the beginning of 2021 with the destinations’ shares considerably changing versus the same period in 2020, reports

According to Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for the Primorye and the Sakhalin Regions (vet and phytosanitary authority) since the beginning of 2021, it has cleared shipments of fish and seafood for export with a total weight of 540,750 metric tons.

The main importer of fish products for the period was the Republic of Korea with 414.4 thousand tons of fish and seafood delivered to this country since the beginning of the year.

Besides, as per May 21, 2021, the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration issued veterinary certificates for export shipments of fish products to Japan, with a total weight of 9.9 thousand tons

Nigeria also emerged as a major importer. This year so far 20.5 thousand tons of fish and seafood were sent to this country while for the whole of 2020 the shipments amounted to a mere 9.6 thousand tons.

In general, since the beginning of 2021, the vet officials have cleared shipments of fish products exceeding 30 thousand tons for export to the countries of West and Central Africa.

Meanwhile, during the period only 80.9 thousand tons of fish and seafood were directly exported to China.

Also 3.1 thousand tons of fish products were sent to Germany, 453 tons to France.

Other importers of fish and seafood from Primorye include Thailand, Vietnam, North Korea, Great Britain, Estonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Jamaica.

To clear the shipments the Rosselkhoznadzor inspectors checked the compliance of the products with the requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union and the requirements of the importing countries.

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