Seafood exports from Murmansk showing positive dynamics

January 31, 2012 11:55

Seafood products are exported from Murmansk mostly to the EU countries with the largest shipments in 2011 destined to the Netherlands, reports

More specifically, in 2011 Murmansk companies exported more than 72,000 MT of fish to Holland, followed by Portugal and the UK with 4,600 MT and 4,300 MT correspondingly. Total export shipments rose by ca.45% on 2010.

Along with the above EU states Russian fish was shipped to China, the USA, Canada, the Ukraine and Armenia. Last year Murmansk fishermen for the first time exported a lot of polar cod Boreogadus saida to Australia.

Along with finfish range Murmansk exporters shipped such shellfish products as red king crab, sea scallop fillets and shrimps.

In 2011 Murmansk vet inspectors checked and cleared for export more than 95,000 MT of fish products and issued 938 veterinary certificates (5i form) and 1148 health certificates for fish products destined for export to the EU and China.

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