Russia's Fish Union announcing concept for seafood traceability system

December 6, 2011 15:38

Sergey Gudkov, CEO of Russia's Fish Union, announced a concept for national electronic system to trace seafood origin and transportation. Launch of such system provides for development of rules defining the order for entering the information on seafood origin and transportation which would form the rights and charges of the federal authorities in the sphere of surveillance and control of fish quality and safety, reports

The traceability concept should be based on mechanism of electronic exchange of information between government institutions. Data on transportation of fish products under surveillance should be entered into the system sequentially with regard to results of state and inner control. As a result, the system of veterinary control and surveillance would grow simpler, less administrative barriers would be in the fishery industry, financial expenses of market participants and state bodies for paper work would decline, Sergey Gudkov said. Most important, introduction of seafood traceability system would be definitely in favour of the nation's food and biological safety.

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