Russia's closest Ally Belarus announcing Tender for Rights of Import of freshwater Fish

July 20, 2012 09:40

Belarus, which has dropped ‘special importer' controls for frozen fish, has kept stricter regulation for import of freshwater fish and products of same, reports with reference to BELAPAN.

Along these lines the Government's Interdepartmental Tender Commission has announced a public tender to appoint importers of freshwater fish for 2013 thus exercising the exclusive right of the State to import this type of product.

The applications will be submitted from 24 July-24 August. They shall include lists of fish, shellfish and products to be imported. The applicants must have own or hired cold storage facilities, own or rented truck fleet as well as own distribution network in Belarus.

Projected volume/value of import and sales profitability must also be listed.

In April 2010 the regulation of food market has been transferred from President's Administration to Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

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