March 22, 2012 10:06


Russian Fish Company has remained the unchallenged leader in seafood imports in January 2012 both in terms of net weight and customs value. Through the month it imported 3,500 MT of finfish and seafood (7.61% of the nation’s total import volume) at the total sum of more than RUR 434 million (11.37%). Full list of Russian importers of January 2012 numbers 227 companies, reports


Judging by the summarized figures of customs declarations, in January 2012 Russian companies all together imported 46,400 MT of seafood at the total declared customs value of more than RUR 3.8 billion. The above figures agree with the official figures of Russia’s Federal Customs Service for January 2012: 46,800 MT at the value of USD 112.3 million.

According to the customs declarations, as compared to January 2009-2011 in the first month of 2012 both net volume and customs value declined: in January 2011 Russian traders imported 58,200 MT of fish at ca.RUR 4.6 billion, in January 2010 – ca.73,000 MT at RUR 3.9 billion and in January 2009 – 58,300 MT at RUR 3.4 billion.

Official figures of the Federal Customs Service confirm the above trend showing a 11.7% decline of the nation’s seafood imports in volume terms.

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