Russian Pollock roe auctions in Busan March 21-22

March 23, 2012 10:36

The first week after Seattle auctions was exciting.  Japanese buyers asked Russian sellers not to run auctions on March, 20 (not a very important holiday, but they wanted to have a rest after transpacific flights), reports

Volume sold during the two days was about 3630 (reasonably much), average price was $10.81 for a kilo.  In the same time 2011 the price was $8.68.  The highest price (more than $13) was achieved by BATM Nikolay Chepik from BAMR.  Low grade roes were sold at $7.50-8.20, and of gamuko lots was sold at 9.20.

At the same time it was said that buyers' activity was uneven.  Some lots were actively fought for by five-seven buyers, while others were sold at initial bid price, and sellers said they had simply nobody to discuss prices.  There was particularly high demand for large size roes, while smaller grades didn't cause interest.

Price during this week moved a dollar up in comparison to the previous round of auctions (Mar 7-8).  It looks like American product didn't meet the expectations.

The stakeholders speak about strong grip of a small Japanese company Troika over the market.  They are to some extent participating in sales of Pacific Andes, Turnif, BAMR, Roliz, DMP, i.e. more than 40% of total roe volume.  Some companies claimed to leave the Troika "umbrella" turned out not to fulfill the promise. 

There were serious hopes on product of a new MRKT-class trawler Vladimir Starzhinsky.  Unfortunately, its product price was not so good, because of soft and immature roes.

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