Russian Pollock exports slow down due to EU bottleneck

April 3, 2020 08:31

The export prices for Pollock from the Russian Far East are softening, according to trading sources in Vladivostok.

In particular, the prices for HG Pollock 25+ in China have declined to a range of Usd 1370-1380 per metric ton due to lacking orders from Europe hit by COVID-19.

In fact, media reports say that such major consumers of Pollock fillets as Fish and Chips shops in UK as well as McDonald's restaurants in Europe are suspending operations while Denmark-based whitefish processor Espersen is temporarily closing down its processing facility producing the Filet-o-Fish for McDonald's.

In Russia the market for HG Pollock and Pollock fillet blocks has been stable but prices are also feeling downward pressure due to poor demand in China.

Meanwhile the Pollock fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk has been going well hitting 879.1 thousand tons as per 31st March, 7.5% up on the same period in 2019, according to Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries.

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