Russian fish consumption chasing Japanese per capita indicators

August 10, 2012 17:57

Real fish consumption in Russia is rising to come close to per capita figures in Japan, reports with reference  to Russia's fishery head Andrei Krainy quoted by Interfax.

While the consumption in Japan in the last 10 years has gone down from 40.2 kg in 2001 to 29.5 kg in 2010 (according to Japan's Fishery Department), in Russia the indicator has leaped from 19.7 kg in 2009 to 22 kg in 2011.

The Russian figures are provided by Rosstat Service but Mr Krainy feels they are underestimates and the real per capita consumption amounts to some 25 kg because the Russian are increasingly consuming more live, fresh and processed fish.

According to fishery head the discrepancy arises from the fact that Rosstat allegedly does not cover the consumption of canned fish as well as aquaculture products and the fish caught by anglers.

Mr Krainy says he is planning to discuss the issue with the statistical service to work out a single understanding of the issue.

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