Russia comes forward as Norway's main market for trout and second most important market for salmon in August 2011

September 8, 2011 09:18

In August, the total value of Norway's salmon exports was NOK 2.1 billion. This represents a decrease of NOK 312 million, or 13%, compared with August last year. So far this year, sales have been worth NOK 19.3 billion, representing an increase of NOK 389 million on 2010.  France is still the most important market for salmon, with sales worth NOK 315 million in August.  Russia is Norway's next largest market, importing for NOK 225 million, according to NSEC.

The value of Norwegian Fjord Trout exports increased in August by NOK 4 million to NOK 115 million. So far this year, Fjord Trout exports have reached NOK 851 million, which is a fall in value of NOK 72 million. Russia was the most important market for Norwegian Fjord Trout in August, with sales of NOK 61 million.

Total seafood exports

Total seafood exports for August ended at NOK 3.5 billion. This represents a decrease of NOK 120 million compared with August last year. Up to and including August 2011, exports of Norwegian seafood were worth NOK 32.8 billion. According to figures from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC), this is an increase of NOK 1.4 billion on the same period in 2010.

"The main reason for the decrease in value is a lower price for salmon resulting from a fall in demand.  At the same time, we are seeing an increase in sales of frozen cod and haddock," says Egil Ove Sundheim, Market Information Director at the NSEC.  

Growth for cod fisheries

The growth in the cod export sector is mainly due to frozen cod and haddock. Taking frozen cod and haddock as one, the increase of NOK 133 million takes it to a total of NOK 358 million in August. This volume increase makes a positive contribution as prices have fallen slightly. Fresh fish sales fell by NOK 13 million to a total of NOK 140 million in August. Reduced volumes of fresh fish sold are responsible for the reduction.

Exports of clipfish increased by NOK 45 million in August.  The increase in prices and volumes for cod clipfish accounts for most of the increase.  The value of salted fish exports fell by NOK 8 million in August; a reduction that is due to falling sales volumes. Salted fish prices increased in August.

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