Record snow crab sales for Canada

August 9, 2011 10:37

Despite starting the year with trepidation due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Newfoundland and Labrador snow crab producers posted record sales to the Asian market this year, reports with reference to SeafoodSource.

Traditionally, Japan represents about one-third of the market for Newfoundland and Labrador's snow crab.

The province saw snow crab sales in excess of 15,000 metric tons to the Asian markets this year, more than 40 percent of the total supply. Usually, only about 30 percent of the supply goes to those markets.

"With the snow crab fishery all but over, not just in our province but in the Maritimes as well, we are proud of having achieved record sales to the Asian markets, including Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere," said Derek Butler, executive director of the Association of Seafood Producers.

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