Performance of Russian Producers at Another Round of Pollock Roe Auctions in Pusan

April 1, 2012 12:10

On March, 27-29 all the sellers started to sell simultaneously, and large quantities have been sold. The prices also behaved in unusual way but the prices achieved by the Russian producers can be compared at this stage only in a preliminary fashion, reports

More specifically, more than five thousand tons were sold in three days.   This is particularly much as there are almost no auctions appointed for the next week.  It looks like everybody was afraid that the price soared up, and can drop quickly.  There were signs of it, however.  The prices didn't actually move down, even vice versa, average weekly price is estimated as $12.57 for a kg ($10.57 the previous week), but there were problems selling some lots.  It turned out impossible to move initial price up at all.

Both sellers and buyers are shy to speak about their high prices.  There are rumors that some lots were sold over $15 per kilo.  Such a fantastic growth is normally changed by correction, but who can predict.  Right now there is a definite shortage of high quality large size roes.  AKROS left this segment, and not all lots of the other producers were good.  Everything can change after the second round of Seattle auctions, as sources report both quality and recovery of Alaska roe have recently improved.  It's reasonable to expect total US volume this year 15-16 thousand MT.  It looks like the high prices will live not more than a fortnight.

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