New geographic patterns persisting in exportation of fish from Russian Far East in October 2011

October 19, 2011 09:24

Export situation in October has shown a number of developments.  This month export from Russian Far East traditionally consists of Alaska pollock and wild salmons.  Cod, halibut and others are minor items in tonnage, reports

The major part of WR Pollock was delivered to Busan and will further go to Nigeria.  Price CFR Busan was US$850-1050, and it provides efficiency equal to $1400-1500 HG basis.

The major volume of APO HG was delivered to Dalian.  This year price pattern changed dramatically.  Instead of usual summer price decrease, a sharp rise was observed, caused by new market in Brazil.  Typical price of the month $1580-1600 CFR Dalian for 25+, and $1400-1450 for 20+

Supply to China of fishmeal from facilities unregistered in Agriculture Ministry worsened substantially.  "Grey" schemes don't work well, and nobody except companies related to Pacific Andes has managed to register as yet.  Price CFR Busan (a transition point to South China) is just a bit over $1300 - even though almost nobody sells.

Pink salmon supply to China is under way.  Prices went a bit up, and now they are at level $2500-2600 for Kamchatka products and up to $3000 for fish from Sakhalin and Kuril.

There has been no herring supply as yet, but pricing is discussed actively. There is a real shortage for both China and Afriсa, and buyers propose price about $1000.

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