March sales of Russian pollock roe in Busan fetched unexpectedly high prices

April 8, 2021 08:56

This year pollock roe auctions in Busan, Korea are different to 2020 and totally different to “normal” way, reports Megafishnet.

Almost everything is different in the way Russian pollock roe auctions are run this year.  Normally the auction season starts late February, and March is a really active time for everybody involved.  As seen from the table below, total volume sold decreased dramatically in comparison with the usual pattern.







Volume sold up to Mar, 31, MT






Due to COVID-19 restrictions very few Japanese specialists managed to come to Busan, and even less Russian technicians.  As for negotiators, they mostly work from their offices, not from Korea.

This March there were just two rounds of actions.  Russian Fishery Company participated twice and sold more than 420 tons, all the rest have got just one auction each.  Pilenga (known in Russia as Gidrostroy Group) sold 246 tons, Norebo 181 MT, the others (Sigma, BAMR, Magsea, ORKZ-55 and Malkinsky) – less than 100 MT each.

As expected, the greater part of the product was gamuko and off grades, and even lots marked as standard grades included too many immature sacks.

A real star of March auctions was Malkinsky Promysly company, who presented three lots sold at 7.40-6.20-6.20, which is not really much for February roe but anyway the best result for the year.  Magsea and BAMR sold their mature roes at 5.10-5.90.  The other companies sold low grades only, and prices were 5.00-6.10 for proper size (40+ g) gamuko roes, and 4.30-4.60 for small size (less than 40 g).  The non-standard grades were sold much better than expected due to definite shortage at Korean processors.

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