Kamchatka making greatest contribution to record salmon catch in the Russian Far East

August 19, 2011 17:10

In volume terms, Kamchatka has made the greatest contribution to another record salmon catch emerging at the current season in the Russian Far East. However the market players say that the quality of pink salmon (the most popular product for the Russian market) is best with the fish originating from Sakhalin and Magadan salmon fisheries, according to http://www.megafishnet.com/.

 According to Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency, as per 18 August 2011 the total salmon catch hit 401246.2 MT to exceed the previous odd record year2009 by 6%.

Kamchatka has emerged as an undisputed leader with 238 409.5 MT (55 thousand tonnes more than in 2009) followed by Sakhalin with 136 942.9 tonnes (-22 000 tonnes on the previous bumper crop year).

Khabarovsk has harvested 14 039.3 MT (-7300 MT on 2009) and Magadan caught 10 699.3 MT (-2800MT) while the contributions of Chukotka and Primorye have been insignificant.

While the season in Kamchatka is ending, the fishery in Sakhalin is at its peaking phase though the salmon runs in Aniva Bay as well as at Iturup and Kunashir are behind the expectations.

Meanwhile since 22 August the ranching stations will start the incubation of roe for restocking.

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