Kaliningrad to establish regional Fish Auction

May 17, 2012 10:15

Under the regional target program on fishery development in 2012-2016 Kaliningrad authorities are planning to establish a fish auction so that local fishermen could send catches directly to retail chains and fish processing factories, just like it has been successfully practiced in neighbouring Klaipeda harbour (Lithuania), reports http://www.megafishnet.com/.

Kaliningrad fishery industry is now one of Russia's important contributors with the region's harvest of aquatic species in 2010 exceeding 250,000 MT (ca.6% of the nation's total harvest). The region has a big potential for fishery development which the local fishery agency is going to realize with the help of the regional target program "Main trends of Kaliningrad fishery industry development for 2012-2016".

The concept of such program is based on six main directions: offshore and inshore fishery, fish processing, fishing in inland waters of Kaliningrad, aquaculture and fish markets. Kaliningrad fish producers sell seafood both on the overseas (mostly European) market and on the domestic market.

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