Export of fish, shellfish and mollusks from Russian Far East in September 2011

September 20, 2011 17:48

September export from Russian Far East traditionally consists of Alaska pollock (21751 MT) and wild salmons (15285 MT).  Cod, halibut and others are minor items in tonnage.

The major part of WR Pollock (about 12000 MT) was delivered to Busan and will further go to Nigeria.  Our sources understand that 2200 MT of Pollock HG will go the same way.  Less than 2000 MT of APO were delivered to Qingdao.  That small volume was defined by low prices.  As far as our sources know - all the cargo was delivered in one shipment.  General price decrease in Qingdao was probably caused by delivery of Russian and American salmon and some fish from other seas.

The major volume of APO HG was delivered to Dalian.  This year price pattern changed dramatically.  Instead of usual summer price decrease, a sharp rise was observed, caused by new market in Brazil.  Typical price of the month $1580 CFR Dalian for 25+, and $1400-1450 for 20+

Export to Japan is quite traditional for the season.  Some sea urchin, some crab and shrimps.  The major volume supplied was sockeye. However, the sockeye exporters have a problem this year.  Price in Japan is very low at all levels, gift packs are very unpopular, and sockeye stay at warehouses.

A new series of red roe auctions took place in Vladivostok on September, 16.  About 175 MT from Turnif and 350 MT from Dalmoreproduct was sold at average price about USD20 for kilo FOB Vladivostok.  The buyers mentioned that roe quality was lower than Polluks product a month ago.  What caused 25% price increase is unclear.

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