Export from Russian Far East in June

June 22, 2011 12:39
It's summer now.  Greater part of export traditionally consists of prawns and shrimps, sea urchin, various crabs.  Sources among close societies of the products exporters say that the price is right for them, crabs and crustaceans are in short supply.  Importers are not so happy, and try to get the right price using all available tools. Atka mackerel is actually monopoly now.  All buyers work with the same producer, according to Russian Fish Insider Report published by http://www.megafishnet.com/.

The rest of pollock roe (mostly - from East Sakhalin area) will be sold on the last week of June.  The latest round of auctions took place on June, 2.  Volume 718 MT was sold just a bit cheaper than earlier lots. Average price was about USD 7.80 (JPY 635)

Salmon catch has started.  The first shipments of drifter caught fish have been delivered to warehouses.  However, sellers are not happy.  Japanese buyers propose just JPY600 for a kilo of sockeye, while sellers believe JPY800 is the bottom.  Nothing is clear with Japanese chum this year.  So, proposed price for Russian chum is USD4200 for a ton of HG.

Fishmeal supply to China has re-started.  Those who managed to get registered with Ministry of Agriculture sell at USD1400-1500.  Those who didn't have real problems, and price is USD1100-1300.

The first shipments of West Bering Sea pollock have arrived to China.  Situation is unclear.  Many sources report that Chinese processors have inventory large enough till August only.  Prices slowly go up, and level USD 1,500 for a ton of HG 25+ cm looks real in foreseeable future.

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