Export from Russian Far East in July overshadowed by economic turmoil in main markets

July 18, 2012 09:01

The situation on the world market of wild salmon as well as the pollock market is certainly affecting the fish exports from the Russian Far East. These factors are already being reflected in the dynamics of shipments in July, according to http://www.megafishnet.com/.  

The most important export item in July is salmon.  Drifter sockeye is been delivered to Japan.  The landings were large, but sales are not.  Plenty of 2011 product has not been sold, a lot of cheap Coho is been delivered from Chile.  Japanese buyers propose prices about JPY 400-500 for a kilo of IQF semidressed (a year ago they proposed 600, while sellers asked for JPY750). 

West Kamchatka pink run has not really started yet, but there are attempts to sell it.  Chinese processors have no orders from Europe, and it makes us think the season is going to be difficult.  There are strong rumours that there is no demand for American pink as well, and producers plan to send substantial part of the product to canneries.

Not like a year ago, there are problems with pollock HG.  Most fish in Russian part of the Sea of Bering is small and lean, i.e. not good for filleting.  No filet orders from either Europe, or Brazil.  No sales of WR.  It makes HG 20+ price to keep at $1100-1150. There seem to be no reason for the price to move up.

Fishmeal export to China id under way.  If producer vessel is registered with Ministry of Agriculture and AQSIQ, the price is $1600-1800.  For those who have not registered price is $300-400 lower.

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