Export from Russian Far East in July dominated by issues of salmon and Pollock sales

July 20, 2011 11:51

The most discussed export item in July was salmon followed by interesting developments in the Pollock market and some news regarding fishmeal, according to Russian Fish Insider Report published by http://www.megafishnet.com/.


Drifter sockeye was delivered to Japan.  The landings were large, but sales not.  Japanese buyers propose prices about JPY600 for a kilo of IQF semi-dressed, while sellers ask JPY750.  The reason is that this year fish is smaller than usual - normal weight is 1.5-2.5 kg while a year ago typical size was 3.5 kg.  At the same time chum price is higher than usual.  The buyers are afraid that because of the disaster there will be shortage of Hokkaido chum, and pay JPY400 for fish caught at sea.

East Kamchatka pink deliveries have not really started yet, but contracts are under discussion.  Price goes down day after day, and already achieved $2350 for a ton of semi-dressed.  Even yesterday $2500 was real.  The buyers are not ready.  Even this price will be paid only after inspection.  There is a feeling that this year East Kamchatka pink can fall below $2000.  Of course, the price has nothing to do with Sakhalin/Kuril product, or even West Kamchatka.


On the opposite, pollock price has soared up.  During the last 2 weeks most popular 25+ cm HG has grown up from $1350 to 1500.  The rise will definitely continue till mass salmon deliveries.  The reason is unclear - there is a feeling that Chinese found a new market for finished product as there was no shortage at the end of A season, and current price is well above breakeven for processors.


Many companies have received approval for fishmeal export to China.  It caused natural price decrease to $1400 and below.  For those who have not registered with Chinese Agriculture Ministry price is $50-100 lower.

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