Export from Russian Far East in August following traditional pattern

August 20, 2011 12:25

Export from the Russian Far East in August has been following a fairly traditional pattern as it has included such regular commodities as pink salmon, drifter caught chum, sockeye, coho, salmon roe, some crab and naturally Pollock, reports http://www.megafishnet.com/.  

According to estimates available as per 20 August, this month only 14000MT of pink salmon was delivered to China.  Price is different - USD2100 to 2700 for a ton of semi-dressed.  Nobody is ready to fix price without inspection.  It is all the pink delivered there by tramper, i.e. inspected at fishing grounds. 

More precious drifter caught chum (562 MT), sockeye (4411), coho (143) were delivered direct to Japan.  The first 320 MT of salmon roe were put to Busan warehouse and waiting for auctions.

As for crab - supplies were very small (just 73 MT), and sea urchin was regularly delivered direct to Japan.

19000 MT of WR pollock and 18000 MT of HG were delivered to China.  Such a ratio show that average size of raw material is not good.  That's why average price went up and achieved $1580 for HG 25+ and $1470 for 20+.  However, as first pink is delivered to China, processors started to refuse 20+.  This size is normally taken just to fill gaps between profitable products - just to have something to do for the workforce.

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