Export from Russian Far East in April 2012 marked by end of APO catch in Sea of Okhotsk

April 19, 2012 16:35

Export from Russian Far East in April 2012 have been driven by pollock products and herring, reports www.megafishnet.com.

Pollock and its products

April, 10 - end of APO catch in Sea of Okhotsk.  Normally after this date some substantial volume is taken at East Sakhalin, this year it will be about 70 th.MT.  As usual, at the end of the A-season prices went a bit up, but this year it didn't cross psychologically important threshold $1,400 for MT of HG 25+ cm like a year ago.  Price is $1360 CFR Dalian, or $5-10 more CFR Qingdao.  It is not too good for processors, as fillet prices have been fixed at $2900-3200 EXW Europe, equal to HG price $1300. 

Fishmeal problem still exists.  A few companies with China import permissions sell at $1500, the others $200-300 cheaper. 

Pollock milt market in Korea is reasonably tense.  Price decreased from $2400 to some $2150, but Russians are OK with it - just 2 years ago $1000 was a god price.

Pollock roe sales situation is described in details in a special article.


Right after the end of Pollock catch 2 large companies started catch of herring at West Kamchatka area.  Normally fishing situation there is not good, but not this year.  However, there are no contracts as yet.

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