Egypt giving green light to Russian seafood exporters

January 11, 2021 14:03

Egypt has given green light to Russian fish and seafood exports into the country, reports

In particular, Russia's vet watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor and its Egyptian counterpart GOVS-MOALR have agreed the veterinary certificate for the Russian exports of food fish, seafood and finished products to the Egyptian market.

Each product batch shipped to Egypt must be accompanied by the above certificate. Deliveries can be made only from enterprises certified by the Veterinary Service of the Republic.

Egypt is a traditional market for small pelagic species. Sardines, mackerel and herring form the basis of imports, which in 2019 amounted to 322 thousand metric tons. For comparison, in 1996 imports were recorded at only 144.1 thousand tons.

At the same time, the country produces about 1.8 million metric tons of fish, of which 1.6 million tons are aquaculture.

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