Dynamics of Russian salmon and trout import and export in January-August 2011

October 6, 2011 10:03

 According to provisional figures, the volume of the Russian export of salmon species in January-August 2011 amounted to more than 85,000 MT with the total value exceeding USD 200 million, reports http://www.megafishnet.com/ with reference to head of Analytical Centre of Information Agency on Fisheries Mr. Timur Mitupov.

Among foreign importers of Russian salmon the leading position is taken by China with the share of 43% of the total volume, followed by Japan with ca.32% and South Korea with ca.20%, while the remaining 5% of Russian exports were destined for other markets. The structure of salmon exports contains such articles as fillets, ready-to-eat and other products from salmons.

As per 4 October 2011 the salmon harvest in the Russian Far East amounted to ca.511,000 MT, which was close to the record strong catch of 535,000 MT in 2009. As the salmon harvest grew, the export volumes also rose (according to Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency, the Chinese importers left the Russian market after purchasing 130,000 MT of salmon).


In the meantime, Timur Mitupov underlines that against the background of rising salmon catches and increasing shipments to the domestic market import of chilled salmon and trout in January-August 2011 also grew by 15.3% to 60,000 MT on the same period last year, and the nation's import of frozen salmon and trout rose by 19.7% to 21,200 MT.

At the same time, the analyst says that the share of imported salmon and trout on the Russian market roughly declined from 37% last year to 20%.

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