Chilled farmed salmon in short supply on Russian market

July 20, 2012 10:09

As per mid-July the Russian market in the Central Federal District (Moscow and surrounding administrative regions) has gone short of larger sizes of chilled farmed salmon, reports with reference to Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency.

Smaller sizes however, market sources say, have not been in good demand in spite of being 20 RR cheaper per kilo wholesale against the average price range of RR225-335 per kilo as per-July, according to the Agency.

The frozen mackerel prices in the area stabilized at RR84-90 per kilo wholesale as well as prices for Atlantic herring ranging from RR57-70 per kilo.

Capelin prices are set to rise being currently within RR31-34 while price some other products are also appreciating: blue whiting at RR 27-29 and hake at RR95-105.

In the Russian Far East pollock wholesales at RR38-41, Pacific herring at RR 32-36, pink salmon from new catch at 79-82, chum at RR150-160, sockeye at RR200-230.

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